Anna Frlan

Contemporary Sculpture Artist

14-Day Emergency Supply – Approvisionnement d’urgence de 14 jours

Drop the Needle (2016)
Step 5: Have Fourteen Days Emergency Supplies
These are suggested items and amounts for each adult for 14 days in shelter.
Milk: 14 cans (6-oz) or 6 cans (15-oz) evaporated milk or 1-lb dried skim milk
Vegetables: 6 cans (15 or 20-oz) – beans, peas, tomatoes
Fruits: 6 cans (15 or 20-oz) – peaches pears, apple sauce
Juice: 6 cans (20-oz) – apple, grapefruit, lemon, orange and tomato
Cereals: 14 individual packages (sealed in wax bags inside or outside)
Biscuits: 2 packages of crackers (1-lb each)
2 packages of cookies or graham wafers
Main Dish 2 cans meat (12-oz) – corned beef, luncheon meats
Items: 2 cans beef and gravy
2 cans baked beans (15 or 20-oz)
2 jars cheese
2 cans fish (8-oz)
Canned and dehydrated 2 cans (10-oz) – bean, pea, tomato, vegetable

Excerpt from 11 Steps to Survival published by Emergency Planning Canada, 1961