Anna Frlan

Contemporary Sculpture Artist

Waste Disposal System – Système d’élimination des déchets

Drop the Needle (2016)
Step 8:  Know Emergency Cleanliness
The problems of garbage and human waste disposal can be solved even if fallout keeps you in the shelter. Put all your garbage in tightly covered garbage pails. After using your emergency toilet, you should tie human waste in waterproof plastic (polyethylene) bags and place them in the garbage pail. Store a 14-day supply of the plastic bags.
After the second day in the shelter, you may risk leaving it for a few minutes for essential tasks. Therefore, when your garbage container is filled, move it out of the shelter.
If your area is free of fallout but is without sewage services, bury human waste and garbage in the ground. Dig the pit deep enough so that the waste will be covered by at least two feet of earth.

Excerpt from 11 Steps to Survival published by Emergency Planning Canada, 1961