Anna Frlan

Contemporary Sculpture Artist

Beware the Blast Wave – Attention à l’onde de choc

Drop the Needle (2016)
Step 1: Know the Effects of Nuclear Explosions
A nuclear explosion releases vast amounts of energy in three forms:
(a) Light and heat;
(b) Blast;
(c) Radiation.
The blast wave travels more slowly than the heat flash. Several seconds may pass after you have seen the light or felt the heat before the blast wave reaches you, depending on the distance you are from the explosion. It is like the time between seeing the flash of lightning and hearing the sound of thunder. For example, at ten miles from the centre of an explosion, it would take about 35 seconds for the blast wave to reach you. If caught in the open during a nuclear explosion, this time can be used to find some protection from the blast wave.

Excerpt from 11 Steps to Survival published by Emergency Planning Canada, 1961